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Mission Mum Tum…

After two kids I admit it… I have a “mummy tummy”. I’ve heard many women over the years talk about it being a badge of honour, a scar to be proud off, a constant reminder how amazing and wonderful it is that you carried and birthed a child. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for those women who do like to think of their changed body as a valiant badge of motherhood but personally I would like to feel a bit more like me, Not just “me the mum” and certainly not the “old me” (as we all know once kids arrived you wonder what on earth you ever did before them!) but the new me, the me that can multitask like a pro, carry two kids and a bag of shopping up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat, the new me that is evolving each day and learning as much from her kids as she teaches them!

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This new me has recently started to exercise again…I feel like since the birth of my first child I’ve had zero time to do anything. Just like this blog, the exercise has stopped and started more times than I remember. Always coming second to the kids and daily needs of life.

Anyway… this time we have started Mission Mum Tum! Follow my progress every week as I start my fitness journey again!!!

First things first… after both my kids I could easily stick 4 fingers into the gap in the tummy muscles, a condition called diastasis recti. This occurs when the tummy muscles under pressure from a growing baby, these muscles stretch and thin, separating from the connective tissue that binds the abs together. If you’ve carried a full-term baby in your belly, chances are you’ve experienced some degree of separation. With this in mind my journey will be slow but hopefully with hard work we should see my core improve and muscles close.

How to spot if you have diastasis recti.

If you lie flat on the floor and put your hands on your abdominal muscles, just between your ribs and gentle lift your head of the floor you will feel a gap between the muscles. In my case we can fit 4 fingers!

Closing the gap

To close the gap it is important to seek advice from a trained professional. In my case I have consulted with a physiotherapist and personal trainer. Certain exercises will make the condition worst – AVOID CRUNCHES!!  The key advice I was give was to start slow and work on rebuilding the core muscles!!

Hopefully next week I will pop up a video with some top core exercises.

Chat soon,

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