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Tips for leaving baby at daycare!

Well it is offical the wonderful bubble of maternity leave has come to an end. Where did it go? I still have no idea why maternity leave goes by so fast whilst pregnancy seems to be never ending!! I’ve had 9 wonderful months off with my two children so really shouldn’t complain, but somehow you just never feel 100% ready to head back to work and pack your children off to daycare. Unfortunately we are not in the position to have family watching the kids so they are packed off to a daycare nursery! Having survived the ordeal now with two kids I thought I would share my top tips to getting ready for heading back to work!!

  •  HELLO You! – Before yo head back to work I think it’s really important to connect with the non mummy you. Do this anyway you can! For me it’s ditching my mum uniform (leggings, converse and tshirts) and embracing the pre baby me. I like to get a haircut, plan my outfits and take some time to look after myself again. This definitely give you a.confidence boost heading back!
  • Practice the morning rouitne before the big day… trust me it needs to be fine tuned like a military operation! One false move and I’ve two screaming kids and a badly dressed mum for work
  • Give plenty of settling in time with the childcare provider. Avoid doing it the week you go back to work, last thing you want is to be an emotional wreck on the first day back. Get the tears all out of the way the week before 🙂
  • Be prepared for tears… your tears and baby tears… it’s envivitable and totally normal so don’t worry! This is a time of adjustment but will all settle down.
  • Have meals prepared. Last thing you will want after a busy day at work and coming home to your mummy job is to think about dinner.
  • Lower your standards. Unless you are super woman you will be tired, especially until you get used to the new routine. Don’t worry if the house is messy or it’s takeaway for dinner, it will all eventuar settle and be your new normal
  • Shower the night before… you will never have enough time before work.
  • Breathe and rememeber it gets easier!

Have you gone back? Do you have top tips you would like to share?

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