Only mums know

1 month postpartum after C-section 

With  baby number one I was “lucky”! My body seemed to voice back so quickly, which was surprising considering the traumatic birth and emerency section that unfolded. Although I was in my pre pregnacy jeans in know tome I didn’t really understand what was going on inside me… my stomach muscles were badly separated, as with most pregnancies but in my case never closed back over sufficiently! 

Throughout pregnacy number 2 I experienced back ache and had a lovely doomed shape belly from the early stages! I discovers my muscles separation  (diastasis recti) would need attention post birth.

I am now 1 month post birth with number 2 and wanted to start and share my journey. Needless to say this time my body hasn’t snapped back so well! I have been recovering from a second section and chasing round after a toddler so things seem a little slower this time. My pre pregnacy jeans are a long way off, and that is ok!! Unlike many celebrities and the lucky few who bounce back it takes months of hard work to regain your pre birth body and it can’t be done over night! Ot your like me, in your sleep deprived state you crave and need comfort foods and want to relax and bond with your newborn!! Your body has changed dramatically, it created a person! Accept it will never be the prebirth body you once hadand focus on creating and sculpting a new stronger body, one you feel confident and comfortable in and one that has the energy and stamina needed for parenthood!

1 month post birth – as you can see below pictures taken whilst pregnant, 2 days after birth, 1 week after and 1 month after. You can also clearly see a line where the muscles are separated and the excess skin and stretch marks emerging as my stomach starts to reduce in size. To date I’ve doneno exercise apart from 5-10 minutes gentle stroll each day. I met with a physio who has advised I do breathing exercises and wear a tummy support until my 6 week post section checkup.

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