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Ways to feel more attractive when pregnant!


Expecting is hard work! Not only is your body exhausted, stretched and doing a million jobs at once to grow your amazing little baby but your mind is also working overtime and your hormones are whizzing all over the show! With so much going on it’s only natural to have days you feel just plain yuck!

Today was one of those days for me. I fought back the tears as I treked, or should I say waddled round the shops with my 18 month old and now huge bump in the hunt for some maternity clothes. Not only was I dissappointed by the lack of maternity wear in the shops (none!!) but I was also distraught at just how graphic those changing room mirrors are. From every angle I could see each stretch mark and scar from my first pregnancy, all my new war wounds and the increasing weight gain. As amazing as pregnacy is I stood in the changing room just longing to feel attractive and good about myself!!!

After feeling sorry for myself, then feeling guilty as I should be embracing and enjoying my pregnacy, I spoke to my mummy friends and came up with some quick tips to intantly give your self confidence a boost when pregnant.

1. A little fake tan – it’s amazing what a little summer flow can do for your confidence.

2. Run a bath and have a soak – throw in some nice bubble bath, light a candle and pretend your at a spa! Just taking some time to relax is an instant mood booster!

3. Paint your nails – add a little colour to brighten your mood!

4. Mix up a limited wardrobe with accessories. A chunky necklace or different combination can make your look feel fresh!

5. Spend time and do your hair and makeup. It’s hard I know especially with more than one kiddie but a bit of mascara and lip gloss goes a long way to making you feel better.

6. Moisturize as much as you can to prevent stretch marks and make your skin beautifully soft! Bio Oil is a massive favourite with many mummy to bes

7. Pick a new hairstyle, If you always wear your hair straight add a little wave or curl! Something to give you a pick me up.

8.Perfume – spray some perfume and your ready to go. Many woman swear their perfume makes them feel more confident and in turn more attractive.

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