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Summer Shoe Styles – Clarks

Call me a fuddy duddy but I am a HUGE fan of Clarks! Not only do their shoes look adorable on the little lady but I also have peace of mind that she is getting adequate support and comfort whilst her feet are still growing and she is perfecting her walking and running!

Downside of Clarks shoes- they can be expensive! HOWEVER, they do AMAZING sales!! I recently got this selection of beauties in their summer 50% off sale!

Starting at the top moving clockwise prices below:

Blue trainers – £13
White flower trainers – £17
Blue spotty sandals – £14
Pink flower sandals – £13

With their new online pay and collect service I had no delivery charge! Stocked up on stylish shoes for the next few months at least!

Check out to see their shoe ranges!

PS – Clarks have not paid me to write this ( wish they would!) i’m just a HUGE shoe fan of their baby range!

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