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Tips for coping whilst pregnant with a toddler!!

Opps we did it again!!

I can’t quiet believe we are going to have 2 babies under the age of 2!! The thought fills with with excitement and fear in equal amounts!

I’m please to say i’m over half way and just about surviving!! Being pregnant in itself is hard work, particularly with a hyper 18 month old running round!! I sometimes sit and dream about my first pregnancy!

Do you remember your first pregnancy? I napped when I wanted and lay in front of the TV all weekend watching net flicks!! Oh this time is so different. Working full time and looking after a house, toddler and husband can only be described as EXHAUSTING!!!

Here are some of my tips for surviving your second pregnancy when all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep for a week!

Lower your standards.

You are growing another baby. You aren’t being lazy. Does it really matter if your house is a mess? The dishes are piled up in the sink and your toddler wore the same vest twice? NO!! Slack a bit. If it takes you two weeks to get around to cleaning the shower or doing the ironing don’t stress! Spend sometime looking after yourself and enjoying playing with your little one!

Call in reinforcements!

On those days you really feel you struggling ask for help! This could mean that you have a friend who agrees to help you with childcare or a family member is asked to cook you some dinner!! We all need help from time to time. Milk your pregnancy bump for all it is work and ask everyone and anyone to help you!!

Nap time

If your toddler naps – head for a sleep yourself or put your feet up with a cuppa!Just snap every opportunity for a rest. If you are working full time make the most of your coffee or lunch break and sit down with your feet up!


It is the last thing you feel like but try and go for a stroll and get some fresh air! It is great for your toddler and great for you and baby! I normally find after a short walk or play in the park I feel much more alert and ready to go!!

Have a rant

I sometimes feel just having a chat or rant about how you day is going or how wrecked your feeling really helps! Sign up to net mums or similar websites if you don’t have any pregnant mum friends going through the same experience! No matter how bad your feeling there is someone out there feeling exactly the same!!

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