Joys of a working mum…

If I hear or read one more article telling me that working mums should train, go to the gym, bake cakes or join a group I think I’ll crack up! I’m a full time working mum with a 10 month old, a husband and barely have time to brush my hair!! The critics would say I’m lazy… Or it is all about time management or you have to make you a priority. Well please tell me what I can possibly change when my day looks like this… 

5-6am get in and out of bed repeatedly to put dummy in mouth, praying for just 5 more mins sleep

6am – hysterical baby cry means only one thing, make a bottle as fast as you can. Feed baby bottle

630am – wash and dress baby

645am – entertain baby while you attempt to wash and dress yourself

7.00am – re wash and change baby as there has been a sick or explosive nappy situation

7.15am – make bottle for nursery, pack car and fight to put coat on baby

7.25am – leave for work, drop baby to nursery, endure unbelievable guilt as baby cries as you leave

8-5pm – get the mountain of work done whilst smiling and trying to pretend your not worrying or thinking about baby every single second of the day!

5pm run to car and drive to nursery to pick up baby.

5.30 leave nursery after full run down of baby day. Feel guilty that you missed baby all day and the important development milestones. 

6.00pm get home, entertain crying baby whilst rustling up something for baby to eat. 

615 – 715pm feed baby, clean mess on baby, kitchen, highchair, myself. Bath baby, change baby, make bottle, feed baby bottle, cuddles, story and bedtime

715-745pm tidy after bath, repeatedly return to baby room to pick up dummy and teddy that are being thrown out of cot. 

745pm pack bags for nursery, make lunches 

8-9pm cook and eat own dinner

9-10pm tidy up, shower get ready for bed, climb into bed and just as you are about to go to sleep, baby cries and the dummy run begins. Repeatedly get up during the night to replace dummy!

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