mum style

Mum Style Problems

I was getting increasingly fed up with my current mum uniform and decided to flick through the internet and see what trendy, mum friendly outfits are in for 2015. As I was flicking I came across an article on fixing  ‘Mom Style Problems’. As I started reading I soon realised every single item on their list applied to me!!!

Converse – check
Milk stained tops – check
Hair in a pony tail- check
No accessories – check
No longer use handbag when you have a changing bag – check
Maternity Clothes – those jeans are way to comfy – check
Granny Pants – Check

After reading this article I realised part of the reason I am lacking in self confidence and feeling frumpy is because I am not making an effort! I’ve got in a rut! I’m hoping by making more of an effort to look good it will in turn help me to feel good! I’m going to set myself a style challenge! I’m going to make more of an effort to ditch the mum look and be more stylish throughout May and see how I get on! I’ll share my pictures with you and follow some of the suggestions they have laid out in the article! The challenge will be to make more of an effort without buying any new clothes! Just try different combinations and dig out my pre pregnancy wardrobe and see what fits! Wish me luck!!!

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