Eat, dream of sleep, repeat!

This week my little one reaches 5 months ( I still can’t believe it! ).  She is sleeping better,  laughing loads and rolling over,  as a mum I should be feeling on top of the world with more sleep and more interaction from baba! I like many of my mum friends however feel like I have hit a 5 month slump! The adrenaline ( combined with the coffee,  cake and choco) have woren out and an almighty wave of exhaustion has hit! I’ve decided the following factors must be contributing to the slump….

Non stop playtime, feeding, naptime
As my exhaustion has kicked in my little one needs constant entertainment throughout the day! Nursery rhymes, jumperoos, soft toys,  playmate,  rolling over!  All great fun but exhausting when you are home alone with baby and have 8-10ish hours to burn,  7 days a week! When it’s not playtime it’s feeding time,  If it’s not feeding time you are planning or preparing bottles or homemade food for weaning! After playtime and feeding it’s naptime, you spend anything up to 60 minutes getting the little one to sleep in the cot and once they are finally asleep you have time to clear up the devastation of the morning in the house,  make a cup of tea and as you go to drink the tea – bingo,  baby wakes up for round two!

Dummy duty
Yes your child now sleeps but be prepared for putting a dummy in multiple times at night! Meaning more broken sleep! If it’s not dummy time you little one may have master rolling over in their cot and yelling loudly at 3am! Sure it’s perfectly normal to be playing at that time!!

You no longer have a newborn
By 4 months you are no longer in that new mum classification!  People stop asking how you are,  stop offering as much help and stop showing as much interest! By this stage it’s not as acceptable to be in your pjs by 3pm and you have to start getting back into normal life and routine!  This all makes for lonely and overwhelmed mum’s!

Stress, guilt and anxiety
By 5 months your maternity pay has decreased and the stress and reality of the financial cost of a baby can take toll. On top of this a lot of women start to think about work,  childcare and what they will do! The dreaded guilt sets in!!

Combating the slump
It’s no wonder we are tired!! Try to remain positive … enjoy the smiling little monkey and dream of a full nights sleep!! Good Luck!!

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