How to get baby to sleep in cot

It breaks my heart to admit my little baby is growing up fast, so very fast! My 9 week old has out grown her mosses basket and we are going through a sleepless night transition period as we move her into her cot!
After 2 hours sleep last night I have researched some tips on helping your baby sleep in her cot and had to share with you.

1. Make the cot feel more like you. One reason a baby gets upset when you try to transition them is the change in temperature. They go from the heat of your body or a cosy mosses basket to a big cold cot. Place a hot waterbottle in the cot 30mins before bedtime to gentle warm the cot. Remove the bottle from the cot before putting baby down.

2. Make the cot smell like mum. Similar to the above your baby will feel safe if they can smell you. Place a t-shirt or blanket with your smell in the cot at night with baby.

3. A cot can seem big and scary compared to the compact mosses basket. Roll a blanket up and place on either side of baby so the feel snug. Care muat be taken to make sure the rolled blankets are away from babies face!

4. Use a dream pod or sleep bag. These help keep baby cost and prevent you worrying about baby pulling blankets above their head.

5. Give baby time to get used to the cot. Put baby in the cot for naps during the day and let them lie in the bed when awake to get used to surroundings and smells.

I’m hoping to try these this week with the hop baby will be sleeping in the cot soon! If you have any more ideas to add to the list please comment and let me know!

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