Only mums know

it’s perfectly acceptable to …

As a new mum I suddenly found myself doing things I never imagined I would do. The sort of things in my pre parent days I would have seen other parents do and swore I would never do. Far gone are those blissfully naive pre parent days and now in my new much tougher but much happier life I have come to realise the small things don’t matter and it is perfectly acceptable to do the following without fear of judgement…

1. Eat sugar or chocolate at any time of the day.
Pre parenthood a chocolate bar at 6am would have been a big NO NO – fast forward to life as mum and chocolate has now become appropriate snack at 2am, 4am, 6am or to be honest any am or pm!

2. Diet coke or other caffeine filled beverages.
Similar to the above – it is now never to early or late to hit the caffeine. Personally I can’t get enough Diet Coke at the moment!!

3. A track suit is an outfit of choice
Pre parenthood a track suit was for going to and from the gym or lounging around the house.  Now I’m a busy mummy a track suit is an acceptable outfit of choice – comfy and practical it became my stable outfit in the weeks post birth, when my maternity clothes were too big and my normal jeans still to small.

4. Pyjamas are also an outfit of choice
In the days and weeks post birth there will be days it gets to 3pm in the afternoon and you suddenly realise you haven’t got showered or dressed. This is OK! Don’t feel pressured into dressing up for visitors, heck when else in life can you get away with PJS all day? Just enjoy every second with your little one, you will be surprised how you can loose an hour or two just sitting watching them in awww.

5. Pretend you don’t see baby vomit on your clothes
Rub it in, roll up your sleeves or turn it inside out – no judgement from this mum! Sure eau de baby milk can save you a fortune on perfume!

6. Sniff the nappy
I was always totally grossed out in my pre parent days at parents who sniffed their babys bums in public. Once again I feel guilty for judging people with my pre parent innocence. Today sniffing the nappy is quicker and safe than sticking your finger in it to check (you will inevitably make this mistake, notably only once , when you get a finger of poop you soon realise sniffing or removing the nappy is the smarter option!).

7.Ask for help
As a new mum I felt under pressure to be perfect, to know exactly what I was doing and manage to look after baby. Looking back I now realise the first few weeks of motherhood would have been far easier if I had only accepted help from those offering. If a friend offers to clean, cook dinner or make you a cup of tea – do it! Take every offer you get!

8. Do nothing all day apart from stare at your beautiful little one
I still have days where I simply lose track of time. When I’m playing with my little girl or watching her the hours can pass by so quickly and before I realise it my husband is home from work and asking me what I’ve been up to! Enjoy ever second and spend time doing nothing but being with your baby.


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