Only mums know

New Mum New Talents

When you become a mum you suddenly develop some new found talents. Here is a pick of my favourite new mum skills:-

1. The one-legged 60 second shower
Before motherhood I would have stood in the shower for ages, thought about the day ahead, planned my outfit, let my conditioner soak in and enjoyed time to relax! Post motherhood I have developed ninja like balance and sonic the hedgehog super speed. You strategically place the baby in a bouncer chair outside the shower and explain Mummies going have a”quick” shower. A happy baby sits looking at you as you undress. As soon as you step in the shower, baby proceeds to cry. You open shower door, put one leg out of shower door and bounce baby with your foot to stop the crying ( it doesn’t work). You wash hair (leave out the conditioner it’s over rated any way) and wash body all within 60 seconds! Jump out of shower, find a towel and hey presto baby stops crying.

2. Speed Dressing
Since becoming a mother it is now possible to get yourself fully dressed ( including hair and makeup) in under 3 minutes! Please note this is a skill that needs to be perfected, a matching outfit is not always guaranteed until at least week 8.

3. One armed eating
This talent will be perfected by day 2. With a newborn you will very quickly learn to eat one-handed while nursing your little cherub in the other arm. Any meal you can eat in a bowl with a spoon is recommended for the first 4 weeks.

4. Making a bottle in your sleep
I remember making my first bottle up wondering how the heck i’ld manage half asleep during the night. I could barely count the scoops of formula in the afternoon never mind after an hours kip with a screaming child in my arms. Somehow your mummy radar kicks in and you develop the magic skill of being able to make a bottle, feed your child and burp her all in a state of semi sleep!

5.The one-armed wee ( or worse!)
Your baby is hysterical and you’re dying for a pee! You guessed it, the one-armed wee. As a mum its possible to unbutton and pull down your trousers, do your business, wipe, pull up your trousers and wash your hand all whilst juggling a baby!

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